Running for openSUSE Board #2: Getting new people aboard

As a follow-up to Gerald’s questions now Ariez J Vachha took up on the candidates with another question: I would like to know the candidates views on making it easier for those that want to participate, especially non coders, to do so, and how they propose to do it. Thanks for raising this question as… [Read More]

Running for openSUSE Board #2: Questions and Answers

Already in the beginning of 2019 I have been a candidate for the board of openSUSE. Since there are now two places open again, I am again available for the task and run for election. A general overview of my ideas and goals can be found here. In the run-up to the election all candidates… [Read More]

Hotels and Operating Systems

macOS is like a hotel. Everything is polished, designed and cared for. But it’s also sterile and you can’t bring your own furniture or cook your own food. On Linux, you need to do the dishes and take out the trash yourself. But it’s yours. No one forces their agenda on you. It simply feels… [Read More]

Highlights of openSUSE Asia Summit 2019

The openSUSE.Asia Summit is one of the big events for the openSUSE community (i.e. both contributors and users) in Asia. Those who normally communicate online can meet from all over the world, talk in person and have fun. Members of the community share their current knowledge, experience and learn FLOSS technologies around openSUSE. The openSUSE.Asia… [Read More]

EasyTAG: Organize your music with openSUSE

Audio files in formats such as MP3, AAC, and Ogg Vorbis have made music ubiquitous and portable. With the explosive growth of storage capacity, you can store huge libraries of music. But how do you keep all that music organized? Just tag your music. Then you can access it easily locally and in the cloud.… [Read More]