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At openSUSE I am part of various teams and committees. I help to maintain the Xfce desktop, I try to push the marketing team and its work and I am – since February 2020 – on the openSUSE Board.
I am also the contact person for the cooperation between openSUSE and my employer TUXEDO Computers.


I care about Xfce as the overall coordinator for the translation teams in all languages. This includes, on the one hand, responding to enquiries on Transifex, but also maintaining documentation and providing support via mailing lists. At the same time, as a translator I contribute to the German language files. In addition to the core components of Xfce, this also includes externally developed tools such as xfdashboard or whiskermenu.

Further projects with bigger contributions from me are:

In addition, I translate for a number of smaller projects, found on Transifex.


  • For the app AndStatus I created a simple landing page.
  • is a project of it’s own that reports on the development around Xfce.
  • From 2014 until mid-2018 I have been operating, a node in the decentralized GNU Social Network.


Even though I am not a software developer, I sometimes contribute small snippets to free software. These can be found on Github and Gitlab.
Until a few years ago I have been maintaining packages on ArchLinux and Chakra Linux. In the meantime I have given up this support, but the PKGBUILDs are still available.