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Twitter and DMCA takedowns

I just recieved an e-mail telling me a tweet of me dating from mid 2014 is withheld due to „Links to the unlicensed broadcast of the Copyrighted Content“.

The mail is interesting regarding three things:

  1. Linking to a site which embeds and links to live streams (no deeplink, just the start page) seems to be enought to be gagged by Twitter.
  2. The email contains estimated 20-30 other user’s tweets, full URL including username. Regarding privacy issues this is… odd, at least.
  3. The DMCA takedown notice refers to „[…] cricket matches of the West Indies tour of New Zealand, 2017-18“. My tweet dated from 2014.
    So, if your tweet links to some site and the content of the site changes in the future – you will be gagged.

I’m leaving you with this, do whatever you think is best.

Day against DRM 2015


Heute ist der Tag gegen das sog. „Digitale Rechtemanagement“, kurz Day against DRM.

(Bildqelle Xkcd)

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