I am vinz. Here I blog about all sorts of things about Linux, Free Software and what concerns me. In addition, you will find a number of projects I have worked on and am still working on. Just click through the menu or contact me!

With 15+ years of active use and work on Linux systems, I have a lot of experience in conveying technical content quickly and easily. Over the years, I have constantly passed on knowledge and know the challenges in the communication of open source projects.

Professionally I am an all-rounder for media design/marketing/PR, the focus of my work is on Linux and Open Source. Trained as a media designer for digital & print media, I know production processes, know what steps and tasks are necessary for successful projects. The experience gained from 5 years of planning and preparing for the trade fair fits in very well.

Since 2016 I am in charge of marketing & product management at TUXEDO Computers in Augsburg.