WordPress and the outsized smilies

WordPress has the annoying habit of displaying image smilies in the RSS feed completely oversized. This leads to hard to read texts in my feedreader TinyTinyRSS. An example, on the left the original and on the right the display in TTRSS: But this can be solved quite easily with a small CSS snippet. At least… [Read More]

Bringing Kmail and PostgreSQL together

Kmail, the mail program of the KDE project, does not come alone. Also included is an address book, an appointment manager, a notification service and much more. The whole thing is kept running by Akonadi, the backend of the whole KDE PIM Suite. By default Akonadi runs with MySQL as database system, but this has… [Read More]

openSUSE with sudo – but convenient!

If you are used to handling activities with administrator rights (“root”) like I am from the Debian world, you will have some difficulties with openSUSE in the beginning. With two users it is still possible, because you can set the same password for both user and root. But at the latest with more user accounts… [Read More]